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$20 Camping Stove Review

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    $20 Camping Stove Review

    I bought myself an inexpensive backpacking stove online and I'm really impressed with it's performance. For $20, I got a compact, folding stove with a piezoelectrig ignition system. It also came with a two-piece pot set and carrying bag. This is a great little stove, perfect for a backpacking trip or as a backup to your regular camp stove. Please check out the video review I have put together:


    There are lots of good stoves in the $5 - $20 range from China. I have the one in that setup (not the pots) it works but the burner is so small that it concentrates all the heat in a single spot (ok for boiling water, not so much for heating/cooking food). The spreaders that supports the pot is also very small, when using "regular" size pots it's tricky to keep it centred.

    I ended up buying a different style, very similar to $100 MSR's but about $10 shipped from China (slow), It nicely supports a larger pot and the burner ring has a 3" diameter.

    I buy all of this sort of stuff on eBay. You can also buy just those nice looking pots in the kit for about $10 if you don't need the stove or want a different one.


      more crap from china... Like if we need it....


        I have the little stove that comes in the orange plastic box and I'm quite happy with it. I really don't see the point of spending 4x more for a brand name that's made in Korea. Sometimes I wax on about my little SVEA 123 but I don't miss the weight of it and associated fuel - not to mention the sometimes "exciting" lighting procedure.


          When I really think about it...

          1970 more crap from Japan! ......1990 Look at my new Accord!

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          Hey Wayne, nice review. It's amazing how cheap these things have become. I guess the sheer simplicity of the design has a lot to do with it. The BRS is another popular one i've seen being used by backpackers. Bulin (Outdoors) is another Chinese stove manufacturer with some interesting designs.
          Enjoy your outdoor breakfasts!