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Simulated birch bark canoe

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    Simulated birch bark canoe

    13' slipstream Batula faux birchbark canoe. Carbon/Kevlar layup with spruce gunnels. app20#. has a cane hung seat and have the original kneeling thwart. nice paddling solo and the best looking imitation birchbark I have seen. Over $2,000 new---asking $1200.
    Thanks, Turtle

    Turtle - I wish I'd seen this about a month ago. I just sold my faux birchbark Mad River "Explorer" that we painted for living history & re-enacting events. My partner is no longer active and using that canoe solo was more than I wanted to deal with so I order this exact canoe from a friend who is also a dealer. I wish I could help you out but if you haven't considered doing so already, you might want to post it on the various re-enacting forums. I posted the Mad River on Frontier Folk, Historical Trekking and the Traditional Muzzleloading forums. While it took a bit of time, eventually I had more folks interested in purchasing than I had canoes to sell. My guess is they're still out there looking for something like this so hopefully you'll be able to sell it if no one from this forum takes you up on the offer.

    That's all for now. Take care and until next well.


    PS - I'm curious as to why you might be selling it? Feel free to PM me if you don't want to share that info with the world. I'm planning to use mine as part of my trader display and in educational programs. While I'll definitely be paddling it, it won't become my main solo canoe so the overall performance characteristics don't concern me too much.
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      Nice looking canoe. I actually have plans to make a faux birchbark canoe myself with an upcoming build. I'm going to use one of the historic models out of Tappan Adney to build a stripper with thin strips, then install gunwales and ribs the way they do with a real birchbark canoe. It should be reasonably lightweight and look authentic from 15 feet away.